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The Success Mindset

Is dreaming big really important to be successful? In real life, do dreams hold any value? Do dreams stands the test to reality? What to choose, Dreams or Reality? What is the Right Approach to Life and Success? What happens when dreams collide with real-life situations? All advice and motivational talks are filled with adrenalin pumping rhetoric. What should you do, dream big or walk on the path of pragmatism? Let us explore the by-lanes of life and navigate through our own paddles of fate, action and intelligence. Click here to read.


Free On Page SEO Tools For Optimization in 2021

Optimize Your Blog with These Free On-Page SEO Tools in 2021

Here is a list of free SEO tools that can help you increase your ranking in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). If you are not yet serious or don’t have enough money or running a pilot blogging project, there are plenty of free effective SEO tools, applications or plugins that can be handy.

Health benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea for Good Health and Well-being: An Organic Mantra

From reducing inflammation to fighting cancer, Green Tea has numerous health benefits. Green Tea is a herbal medicine that is enjoyed as a beverage. It has innumerable benefits and has been consumed by many people across the globe. One of the leading products that shape and influence our lifestyle choice, green tea has been loved by many health enthusiasts. From India, China, Japan and Korea green tea has travelled distances and has almost covered all parts of the globe and is one of the most sought after health beverage in the United States of America and Europe. Its herbal origin and ayurvedic benefits makes it one of the quintessential part of your healthy living checklist.

Don’t Run Away From Your Past – Make Peace With It

Anything from your past comes and haunts you often? Disturbs your mental peace and takes you to an uncomfortable ride of the emotional roller coaster where you become disconnected from your present. Feelings like guilt and remorse take over. It affects the quality of your life. Affects your mental health and further down the line, it also affects your physical health too. To forget one’s bitter past is not possible and God-forbid should not happen to anyone. If it happens it will be a biggest loss to a person. But then how to deal with your past? How to get the gems of experiences to enlighten the way further towards growth and glory.

Online Dating - Finding Love

Online Dating: Are You Ready to Find Love?

Love is just a swipe away! Really. So are the dangers of the cyber world. Online dating is fast catching up in the information age. It gives you a lot of options but at the same time also makes you vulnerable. The episode of ‘Adam and Eve’, has ‘Snake’ too. Beware. There are certain Dos and Don’ts for Online Dating. Can you just simply trust a ‘username’ and meet the person in real? Have you ever heard of due-diligence? It is not just a question of emotion, but your security and trust are way more important than what you may miss in the pinky shine of love and kisses. XOXO…. Follow me!


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Join the community of visionaries. Master the change and stay ahead. Globe is spinning fast and technology has changed the way we interact with the world. Change is the only constant variable and now it has become continuous. Here we see the world as it is and like a sniper keep a watchful eye on the changes taking place and do more than just being updated.

This blog is more than just sharing opinions. It is a roadmap to the new world, the world of increasing possibilities, the world where you are the center-piece. Let us understand the dynamics behind technology, blogging, upcoming products, beauty of life and let us share what we can contribute for everyone to be a better citizen on the planet.

Lifestyle: Health & Wellness

Life is a journey. Make it comfortable and an empowering experience. Dive into insights on various aspects of life to live a fulfilled life. From health, beauty to style and professionalism, sharp as a assassins’ knife.

Products & New Launches

One stop destination for views, reviews and much more. Money is precious commodity itself, you have earned it well, now spend it wisely.

Digital Marketing: Content & Strategy

Enough of useless internet web-surfing. Get the most out of your internet time. Its a new world of digitization. Content is the King and website is it’s Chariot and we are your Route Map. Writer’s Desk comes out with regular pieces of content, content strategy and other useful tips.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Money makes the world go round because Einstein is on a holiday and people like Warren Buffet are working overtime. Understand the intricate world of business and entrepreneurship. We go beyond lofty ideas to plans that work in real world.

Products & New Launches

One stop destination for views, reviews and much more. Money is precious commodity itself, you have earned it well, now spend it wisely.

Fun Zone

You are going very well on your conquest in life. Have a seat, relax and take some time to laugh and share some light moments. Explore the light side of life. Opinions, gossips, movies, sports etc. They all add a very different dimension to the life: A Social One.


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